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  • It is presumed that the test(s) performed are on the specimen(s)sample(s) belonging to the patient named or identified and verification of the particulars have been carried out by the patient or his/her representative at the point of generation of the said specimen(s)sample(s).
  • The reported results are restricted to the given specimen sample(s) only.
  • The result of test may vary from lab to lab and also from time to time for the same parameters for the same patients. Assays are performed with standard procedures. The reported results are dependent on individual assay methods, equipment used, method specificity, sensitivity, drug interaction and the quality of the specimen(s) sample(s) received.
  • Should the result indicate an unexpected abnormality, reconfirmation shall be sought. A repeat investigation may require.
  • Histopathology specimen(s) sample(s) will be presented for one month from the date of testing where as slides for five years. Other clinical specimen(s) sample(s) will be discarded after 3 days from the date of testing unless otherwise specified by the client during registration, for preservation for longer period. Such preservation shall be subject to sample integrity and on payment of additional fee for the same.
  • Tests are performed as per the test schedule given in the test listing in unforeseen circumstances such as non-availability of relevant kits, instruments breakdown, natural calamities etc… test may not be reported as per schedule.