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Who we are - One-stop answer for all your clinical necessities

Medzone, Your one stop destination for all your clinical needs, is brought to you by the New Korba Hospital Group– one of Korba’s most trusted organisations, with over 15 years’ experience in healthcare. At Medzone, we help you look after your own health effortlessly as well as take care of loved ones wherever they may reside in Korba even in your physical absence. You can buy and send medicines from our app or 7 Outlets at various locations to any given corner in Korba - with just a few taps of your phone. Initiating the work in Korba, the company’s vision is to spread the work and services Pan India!

What we do – Offer fast online access to healthcare with convenient home delivery

At Medzone, we make a wide range of prescription medicines and other health products conveniently available all across Korba. Now you can even book an appointment, or consult a specialist. Medzone carries everything to your entryway with its remarkable home sample collection for the ones incapable of travelling or in need.

Significance of Medzone-
1. For Post OPD get your blood and medication at a similar point.

2. Get Medicine, Personal care, and Diagnosis all under one roof.

3. Robotic domestic instruments, equipment, and accessories are certified by the hospital team.

4. Easy First aid- like paracetamol for fever at home without going to the centre, be simple

through our web-based discussion - this can help time and the collateral effects.

5. Be in comfort - No standing- present your solution and unwind in our

parlor - you will be called as your dispatch is prepared.

6. All prescribed medication not found in one spot is a worry - not to stress unwind

at home - will be conveyed to you free at your doorstep with an additional discount.

7. If you're unfit to come to the store, we gather tests and deliver medications.

8. Application - pre-purchase estimate, alternatives self-search, pay online, refund online, customer benefits, online appointment.

9. Free pharmacist consultation for alternatives.